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Australian Earth Training is a specialist provider of heavy equipment operator training across Australia and worldwide. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, our team know the ins and outs of every machine type including scrapers, dozers, graders, highway trucks, excavators and more. We focus on finding ways for your operators to improve their performance so that your business can reap the benefits of improved productivity. To learn more about our excavator training specifically or to ask about any of our training courses, reach out to our team today.


Industries we service

We regularly work with business of all shapes and sizes in the mining, quarrying, construction and waste handling industries. Everyone within your business can benefit from our training courses from cleanskin operators to advanced level operators as well as engineers, supervisors and superintendents. We even offer specific ‘supervisor training’ and ‘train the trainer’ courses to help build a knowledge-base for members of your team.


We can provide Training for all Excavator Types

  • Caterpillar -310, 320, 300, 335, 349, 352, 374, 390, 6012 6020, 6030, 6040, 6060​
  • Liebherr - R914, R920, R926, R930, R936, R944, R960, R970, R980, R9100, R9150, R9200, R9250, R9350, R9400, R995, R996, R9800
  • Komatsu - PC45, PC78, PC88, PC98, PC130, PC138, PC160, PC200, PC210 PC220, PC228, PC290, PC350, PC450, PC490, PC600, PC850, PC1250, PC3000, PC4000, PC5500, PC7000, PC8000
  • Hitatchi - ZX65, ZX85, ZX230, ZX160, ZX200, ZX225, ZX240, ZX250, ZX270, ZX300, ZX400, ZX450, ZX490, ZX520, ZX670, ZX870, EX1200, EX1900, EX2600, EX3600, EX5600, EX800
  • Kobelco - SK75, SK85, SK135, SK140, SK200, SK210, SK225, SK235, SK260, SK300, SK350, SK500
  • John Deere - E130, E140, EE210, E230, E260, E330, E380, E400
  • Hyundai - HX145, HX180, HX210, HX220, HX235, HX260, HX300, HX350, HX380, HX480, HX900, R1250
  • Doosan - R16-9, R27, R35, R55, R60, R80, R110, R140, R145, R160, R180, R210, R250, R290, R320, R380, R480, R520, R800
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Improve performance on-site with our Excavator Operator Training

What does your business gain from Excavator Operator Training?

Our excavator training can help your operators improve their performance in many ways that have massive impacts on your business. For example, our trainers will teach your operators to ensure bucket fill factors are maintained at every pass to at least 80-110% bucket fill. 

Our training also results in:

  • Improve machine availability 
  • Reduce variation in operator performance across teams
  • Lower owning and operating costs
  • Greater employee engagement
  • Increased mean time between failures
  • Reduction of unplanned maintenance events

We deliver our excavator operator training in 4 stages – Discovery, Pre-Learning, Practical and Support. 


In this stage, we take the time to uncover sources of productivity in your processes by doing a site walkthrough and observing how your team operates. 


In the pre-learning stage, we provide reference materials through e-learning to give your team a foundation to work from before the practical learning starts.


In the practical stage of the course, our OEM-accredited trainers deliver one on one or group training sessions to coach your team through best-practice excavator operating techniques.


Our final training step is to support your team by reinforcing our previous training through more coaching and peer group forums.


How our Excavator Training works

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World Class Operator Training for Your Team.

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