Online plant operator training

Cost effective, self-paced e-learning solutions

Ongoing training and development are a necessity for any business, especially those looking to retain or achieve any large level of success. In industries subject to a range of complex regulations, it is also an essential tool to ensure you stay legally compliant.

At Australian Earth Training, we understand that fitting in-depth heavy machinery training sessions into your day-to-day operations can be difficult, especially if you’re working against tight deadlines. That is why we have designed and developed a range of e-learning training that allow your plant operators to undertake industry and machinery relevant education programs at their own pace and during times that suit both the employee and your business.

Our heavy machinery e-learning services provide participants with a core knowledge base regarding the proficient operation and maintenance of essential machinery like graders, dozers, loaders, excavators, and scrapers. This can then be combined with a streamlined practical session with one of our trainers, who can carry out observational assessments. The available range of e-learning training is suitable to be used across the mining, quarry, construction, and waste management sectors.

Outcomes from companies who have utilised our e-learning courses includes:


  • Greater employee engagement

  • A reduction in unplanned maintenance events

  • Increased mean time between failures

  • A reduction in varied operator performance between teams

The benefits of e-learning


Online learning structures allow for self-paced completion, with participants able to educate themselves during project downtime. It also gives the option for companies to schedule learning sessions in advance.

Central deployment

For larger companies with multiple project sites, e-learning can be ideal for ensuring mass completion of a course assessment across the company without needing to schedule and incur the cost of trainers attending every site in person.

Cost efficiency

With an e-learning training model, companies can save costs by not needing to pay for multiple trainers, facilities, or expenses should employees need to travel for heavy equipment operator training services.

Streamlined onboarding

E-learning courses can ensure the sustainable implementation of a consistent onboarding procedure for any new employees. This can ensure that all staff receive the same initial training, and no gaps occur that could lead to potential safety risks for the operator and others on site.

Take control of your team’s plant operator training and development schedules with our range of e-learning services.

On-site training programs

Australian Earth Training can also provide on-site plant operator training courses. Tailored to suit your individual business requirements, we can ensure optimum efficiency across your operator crew regardless of years spent on the job. For our full range of on-site operator training courses, use the button below.

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