Equipment operator training with business-wide results

Plant operator courses to optimise overall site efficiency

At Australian Earth Training, we provide a range of equipment operator training services aimed at ensuring that plant operators are capable of utilising machinery on-site in the safest manner, whilst maximising the productivity and longevity of the equipment. Regardless of time spent on the job, periodic operator training and development plans can minimise the risk of operator errors, unnecessary shutdowns, and plant down-time - saving your business both time and money.

Proficiency training services

Our proficiency training services are levelled to cater to the experience of the machinery operators, and are fully customisable to suit the structure of your business operation.


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Our specialised heavy equipment operator courses include:

Australian Earth Training offer on-site heavy equipment operator training, e-learning, and plant specific training programs. They include:

Accelerate the productivity of your machinery operators with specialised services from our expert team.

Customised training packages for expert insight, on-site

Because we understand that no two business operations are identical, we tailor our training approach to suit you and your team. Our plant operator course packages can consist of any of the following:

Operator Familiarisation Training

We have created this training program to target team members who are new to the work site or have minimal hands-on experience operating machinery. Delivered via a mixture of visual presentations and site inspection walkarounds, familiarisation training improves competency in relation to plant safety components, daily checks that should be attended to, and instruction on best practice operating and monitoring procedures

Operator Application Training

Our operator application training is targeted to providing participants with instruction as to the most efficient ways to handle plant machinery and maximise output. Delivered by incorporating a mixture of visual and hands-on training exercises, operator application training can be customised to suit a variety of machine types and industry applications.

Management Coaching

Whilst we encourage active participation from staff in all levels within the business, our trainers can provide one-on-one or small group management coaching. Utilising our in-depth industry knowledge, we provide a base level of site machinery understanding, best practices, and overall capabilities. By expanding the knowledge base beyond your operators, we can establish a chain of accountability that will allow for an increase in the consistency of operator performance.

Work site assessments

Our site assessments involve an analysis of your day-to-day operations in direct comparison to the plant manufacturer’s guidelines. From there, we generate an accurate report identifying any skill gaps and potential practices affecting overall productivity. We can then collaborate with you, developing and implementing strategies and training to increase overall site and staff efficiency whilst reducing operating costs.

Recognised Industry Trainers

Our training courses are led by certified trainers who have years of experience operating heavy equipment in the mining, resource and civil construction industry. Our instructors are OEM pedigree and are considered experts in their chosen fields. We’re dedicated to providing best practice operating techniques to develop operator skills, knowledge and performance onsite. Our goal is to help you find productivity gains in your people and machines.

After implementing our operator training, our clients have found:

  • Improved machine availability
  • Reduced variation in operator performance
  • Reduced operating costs

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