Operator training courses for a range of industries

Expert training with a wide range of industry applications

At Australian Earth Training, our comprehensive equipment operator training and site consultancy services are easily adaptable to benefit a range of industry sectors. Our team of expert trainers and industry professionals can seamlessly apply our bespoke services to improve the performance and productivity of client companies across the mining, quarry, construction, and waste handling industries.

Tailor-made industry plant operator courses and services

Operator proficiency training courses for the mining industry

Our machine operator training and work site assessment programs can save our clients in the mining industry from unnecessary operational costs and losses by reducing overall accidents and equipment damage. We partner with mine sites across Australia, consulting and collaborating before providing a thorough analysis and development plan tailored to meet your on-site needs.

Plant operator training for the quarry industry

We provide training packages tailored to suit your individual quarry requirements. Our training services have been designed to ensure plant operator proficiency, with a focus on equipment care and longevity, safety, and improving cost efficiency.

Machine operator training for the construction industry

The efficiency of machinery operators on a construction site can directly affect overall productivity and completion times. We provide thorough site assessments and put together training programs that address any skill or development gaps, and ensure maximum competency from your operators.

Expert-led operator courses for the waste-handling industry

With customised training programs, we can ensure that your operators are well versed in best practices for waste handling and management across your business. Our trainers will ensure that all development gaps are identified and addressed as well as flagging any potential areas of concern that could affect your overall resource management systems.

Get customised training solutions that can provide cost-saving efficiency across your business operations.

Plant operator training accessible across all arenas

Australian Earth Training offer on-site heavy equipment operator training, e-learning, and plant specific training programs. They include:

Grader operator training

Dozer operator training

Loader operator training

Excavator operator training

Scraper operator training

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