Specialised training for optimum plant operator proficiency

Empowering your workforce to grow with your business

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced operator, Australian Earth Training’s range of programs can help you upskill. Our programs are purpose-built to assess and identify skill gaps within your operating practices and implement training and development to ensure you can achieve full proficiency.

Our proficiency training courses are structured to accommodate a range of skill levels, and include training plans specifically designed for site supervisors, including in-depth “train the trainer” programs. With real-world applications serving as the focus across all courses, our expert team of trainers relay training information in a way that is targeted at benefiting your individual business operations. Our complete range of plant operator courses are customised to suit sites and businesses across the mining, quarry, construction, and waste management industries.

Our tiered course structures

Australian Earth Training have developed a comprehensive range of plant operator training courses, tiered to suit your workforce skill level and requirements. By catering to supervisor and management staff, as well as the operators themselves, we can help your business to implement a chain of accountability that carries across all levels of your operation.

Level 1 machine operator training

This level of plant operator training is targeted at those who are new into the industry or have limited experience operating heavy machinery. Our trainers will instruct participants in best practice operating techniques to ensure they develop a competent understanding of machine specifications and cabin controls, the recommended daily inspection requirements, and overall safe operations.

Level 2 machine operator training

Our trainers can provide site-specific learning programs for your operators and other key staff. The focus with this level of training is to ensure the operating practices within your team are compliant with mandatory site standards - including health and safety - and to ensure they are familiar with manufacturer recommendations.

Level 3 machine operator training

This course level is built around operator application training, targeted to providing participants with key operational practice and machinery knowledge that allow them to maximise their overall output.

Site supervisor training

Our team of trainers can implement supervisor and management training programs across a range of sites and business structures. The goal with this training program is to instill within your supervisory and management staff a basic understanding of your site’s machinery capabilities, and provide them with the knowledge and confidence to identify key indications of effective operational performance from their team.

Train the Trainer programs

Enlisting Australian Earth Training to carry out a Train the Trainer program on your site is a cost-effective means to ensure you can enact your own future training onsite utilising your own personnel. Our team of industry experts can empower members of your team with the knowledge and skills to provide in-house training to new recruits, ensuring their compliance in relation to machine best practices, performance output, maintenance checks, and operational safety.

Maximise operational output within your business by implementing one of our comprehensive equipment operator training programs.

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Establish a culture of accountability and competence in your business with one of our operator proficiency training courses. For more information on our full range of training services that our team can deliver, just fill out our enquiry form. A member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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