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The Australian Earth Training team provide heavy equipment operator training for the:

Australian Earth Training operator training in mining industry

Mining Industry

Australian Earth Training operator training in quarry industry

Quarry Industry

Australian Earth Training operator training in construction industry

Construction Industry

Australian Earth Training operator training in waste industry

Waste-Handling Industry

We train cleanskin operators as well as supervisors, superintendents, engineers and advanced-level operators.

Heavy Equipment Operator Training for:

  • Draglines
  • Shovels
  • Graders
  • Dozers
  • Wheel Dozers
  • Loaders
  • Excavators
  • Scrapers
  • Trucks
  • Compactors
Australian Earth Training dump truck operator training

How Our Operator Training Directly Affects Your Machinery

Off Highway Truck Operator Training

Our off highway truck operator training will prolong your truck’s transmission life. The total number of gearchanges a truck undergoes strains the transmission. If an operator avoids “gear hunting” while going up-ramp, they can extend the service life of the transmission and the truck overall. Therefore, our training produces longer truck service life by teaching operators how to correctly use the vehicle.

Australian Earth Training off highway dump truck operator training

Dozer Operator Training

Through our dozer operator training, your dozer operators will understand the “economic zone of application” for which a dozer system was designed to work within. This knowledge will improve fuel economy, undercarriage life, Ground Engaging Tools, costs and productivity.

Scraper Operator Training

Our scraper operator training helps your business gain productivity through improved machine operation. Scrapers can move materials at a lower cost than most earthmoving systems. It’s not how much you fit in the bowl it’s how often you fill it.

Australian Earth Training scraper operator training

Compactor Operator Training

Gain productivity by eliminating the performance variation across your landfill operators. Your compactor operators will gain the critical knowledge and skills to maximise the life of your landfill by “decreasing airspace”.

Excavator Operator Training

Our excavator operator training will teach your operators to ensure bucket fill factors are maintained at every pass to at least 80-110% bucket fill.

Australian Earth Training compactor and service truck operator training

Grader Operator Training Case Study

We performed a case study based on our 16M grader operator training delivered to a coal mine in Queensland, Australia.
Pre Training Data Showed: Availability 85.5%, MTBF 53.8hrs, UM 499.0hrs
Post Training Data Showed: Availability 91.0%, MTBF 71.2hrs, UM 181.0hrs
Overall, our 16M grader operator training showed a massive improvement with reduced hours between failures and unscheduled maintenance.

Australian Earth Training excavator operator training
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