Proficiency Operator Training

Australian Earth Training provide proficiency operator training including level 1, 2 and 3 training as well as site supervisor training and “train the trainer” training. Each of our courses are tailored to suit real-world scenarios that will directly impact the productivity of a job site. The basis of our courses includes conducting face-to-face training for small groups or one-on-one as well as customising the course to focus on your business outcomes.

What is Proficiency-based Operator Training?

“Proficiency” training is a structured system of training with instructions, assessments and academic reporting. Our proficiency-based training focuses on developing content for competency-based training programs. In this type of training, operators must demonstrate that they’ve learned the knowledge and skills that were presented throughout the course. Our proficiency-based training involves thoroughly exploring topics including operator compliance, application and familiarisation.
Australian Earth Training dump truck proficiency based operator training

Level 1 Operator Training

Our level 1 operator training is tailored for those new to the industry. This course helps cleanskin operators learn the best-practice operating techniques and principals to start a long successful career in the industry. Topics covered in this type of training include machine familiarisation, daily inspection requirements, cabin and control familiarity and safe operation.

Australian Earth Training level 1 operator training

Level 2 Operator Training

We conduct our level 2 operator training at the request of clients. The outline of this training is for operators to participate in structured learning experiences including compliance with site standards and OEM recommendations.

Level 3 Operator Training

Our level 3 training is known as “Application Training”. This course involves training operators on how to maximise machine performance to suit their application.

Australian Earth Training grader and dust suppression operator training

Site Supervisor Training

Australian Earth Training conduct site supervisor training programs across Australia. The goal of this training is for site supervisors to gain a base level understanding of a machine’s capabilities and what to look for in operator performance.

“Train the Trainer” Training

“Train the Trainer” is an educational model in which master trainers coach a team of potential new trainers in a topic they lack knowledge or experience in. In our case, we can teach small group on how to train and coach others on the worksite through operator training like machine application, familiarisation and compliance.

Australian Earth Training mini excavator and bobcat hire train the trainer
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