eLearning for Heavy Equipment Operator Training

Australian Earth Training now offers flexible and cost-effective eLearning solutions for all your training and compliance responsibilities. We use the latest multimedia technologies and accurate workplace scenarios that fully engage your people with the learning content. The online assessment provides organisations with up-to-the-minute reports of learner activity and certificates of completion. eLearning enhances existing training programs by delivering core knowledge content to learners, allowing face-to-face trainers to focus on skill development and observational assessment.

Australian Earth Training e-learning solutions for operator training

What is eLearning?

eLearning basically means learning information online via the internet. In our courses, we use eLearning in our ‘Pre-Learn’ stage and provide reference materials to give your team a foundation to work from before taking on ‘Practical’ learning. We will provide a range of resources in relation to safety such as identifying hazards, understanding compliance onsite, correct machine application and much more.

Australian Earth Training eLearning and practical learning

We’ve included eLearning in our training process as there is a range of benefits to participants. Firstly, eLearning accommodates everyone’s needs as they can learn the information they need to at their own pace. Studies have also shown that due to its accessibly, eLearning is also effective as participants can grasp and digest content easily. As resources are created online, content can also be updated quickly and is available 24/7 for learners to reference. 

Outcomes our clients have seen after partaking in our eLearning training include:

  • Greater employee engagement
  • A reduction in unplanned maintenance events
  • Increased mean time between failures
  • A reduction in varied operator performance between teams

What are the Benefits of eLearning?

Australian Earth Training dust suppression and grader e-learning opportunities
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Certified Industry Trainers

Our eLearning courses are led by a team of certified trainers that have years of experience operating in the mining, quarrying and waste handling industries. Since 2017, Australian Earth Training has been helping businesses increase their productivity by implementing heavy operator training led by industry recognised instructors. Our trainers work with you every step of the way to ensure our training is giving your team the tools they need result in productivity increases onsite.

Australian Earth Training certified industry operator trainers

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