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Since 2017, the OEM-accredited trainers at Australian Earth Training have been travelling across the globe providing industry-based heavy equipment training. We teach businesses best-practice operating techniques for a range of equipment including draglines, shovels, graders, tracked and wheeled dozers, loaders, excavators, compactors, trucks, scrapers and more. By implementing scraper operator training, you’re giving your team the tools they need to increase productivity on-site. Find out more about our scraper operator training by reading below or reach out to our team today to discuss your specific training needs.


Who we work with

Our industry-recognised instructors coach operators of all levels from cleanskin to advanced as well as supervisors, superintendent and engineers. We’ve spent the last 3 years working with businesses that specialise in all industries from construction to mining, quarrying and waste handling. No matter what industry you’re operating in, if you’re working with scrapers, you can benefit from our scraper operator training.


Our Training Services

We offer a range of industry-specific scraper training services including:

  • Operator Familiarisation Training

This training is referred to as ‘new to site’ machine training, where we do walk around inspections teaching your team safety components and daily check-offs.

  • Operator Application Training 

This training combines PPT and proficiency training to teach operators how to maximise scraper performance to suit their application.

  • Management Coaching

The goal of this training is getting managers to understand walk-around machine capabilities as well as what to look for in operator performance. 

  • Site Study

During a site study, we measure your team against OEM guidelines and recommend improvements.

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Give your operators the knowledge they need to maximum scraper performance on-site

How your team can benefit from Scraper Training

Our scraper operator training can help your business gain productivity in various ways including improved machine operation. One technique we focus on is teaching operators that when it comes to scrapers, it’s not how much you can fit in the bowl, it’s how often you fill it. Scrapers can move materials at a lower cost than most earthmoving systems, meaning if used correctly, you can lower operating costs. After undergoing our heavy equipment training, businesses show greater employee engagement, a reduction in unplanned maintenance, increased time between failures and a reduction in varied operator performance.

  • 613, 615, 6123, 621, 623, 627, 631, 633, 637, 651, 657

Scrapers we work with

Taught by OEM pedigree Trainers

We’re Caterpillar accredited and utilise our team of certified instructors to deliver our customised scraper training. At Australian Earth Training, all of our employees act professionally and strive to help our clients improve their business in any way. We go above and beyond to find opportunities to improve operator skills, engagement, safety and productivity.

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World Class Operator Training for Your Team.

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The team at Australian Earth Training can visit construction sites across Australia, Papua New Guinea, the Middle East and Africa. We provide comprehensive scraper training packages that meet the needs of your business and your budget. Get in touch with us today by giving us a call or filling out our online form.

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