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Australian Earth Training is a niche training organisation that helps businesses improve their performance on-site by providing best-practice operator training. We work closely with those in the mining, quarrying, construction and waste-handling industries who own both large and small companies. Our team can provide best practice machine application training for equipment including draglines, shovels, graders, wheeled and tracked dozersexcavatorsscrapers, trucks, compactors and loaders. To organise loader operator training for your team today, reach out to us by giving us a call or filling out our online form.


We provide Level 1, 2 & 3 Loader Operator Training

Our skilled trainers provide a range of training services including operator familiarisation training, operator application training, management coaching and more.

Level 1 Operator Training for Loaders

Our level 1 loader training is designed for those who are new to the industry. This course focuses on teaching cleanskin operators best-practice operating techniques specifically for loaders. We cover-off a lot in this training including loader familiarisation, daily inspection requirements for loaders as well as safe operation and loader cabin familiarity.

Level 2 Operator Training for Loaders

This course is based on structured learning and loader compliance. Our trainers will fill in the gaps of whatever your loader operators might be missing.

Level 3 Operator Training for Loaders

The final training level focuses on full loader application training, especially how to maximise loader performance to get the most out of the machine’s capabilities and improve productivity on-site.

Loader Types we train on

  • Caterpillar- 903, 906, 907, 910, 914, 926, 930, 938, 950, 962, 966, 972, 980, 982, 986, 990, 992, 993, 994
  • Komatsu- WA70, WA150, WA270, WA380, WA470, WA500, WA6000, WA700, WA800, WA900, WA1200
  • Hitachi- ZW120, ZW150, ZW180, ZW220, ZW310, ZW370, ZW550
  • Doosan- DL200, D250, DL300, DL420, DL450, DL550
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Set your business up for success with Loader Operator Training

Who are these Loader Training Courses for?

We have flexible loader training courses that are suitable for operators at all levels from cleanskin to advanced. We also frequently work with supervisors, superintendents and engineers. We offer a specific ‘site supervisor’ training to give supervisors a base level understanding of a loader’s capabilities and what to look for in operator performance. We also offer a ‘train the trainer’ course to coach members of your team on how to become operator trainers so they can teach others within your business.


The Benefits of Loader Operator Training

Our clients have boasted massive improvements in many aspects of their businesses after employing our loader training. Businesses showed improvement in:

  1. Productivity – less downtime reported on-site 
  2. Safety – a reduction in hazards on-site
  3. Staff engagement – a reduction in varied operator performance 
  4. Equipment efficiency – using the loader to the best of its ability
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World Class Operator Training for Your Team.

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Australian Earth Training travel across the country and throughout Papua New Guinea, the Middle East and Africa training businesses on how to gain more productivity out of their loaders and operators. We can work with you to create a custom training package that works with your budget and schedule. We’re here to support your business in any way we can, so get in touch with us today.

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