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Australian Earth Training provides a range of heavy equipment operator training courses as well as management coaching and consulting services. Our consulting services involve visiting your worksite and measuring your workers against OEM guidelines based on your site’s condition. After our assessment is completed, we suggested corrective actions to help close gaps in a production deficit or your workforce’s skills.

Why Use Our Consulting Services?

Australian Earth Training was established in 2017, but our team have over 25 years of experience operating heavy machinery in the mining, quarrying and waste handling industries. For 9 of those years, we’ve been operating as certified training instructors with experience in a variety of applications. 

Our expert team utilise our extensive experience to consult with you about your business needs and create training solutions to increase productivity on site. After implementing our recommended suggestions from our consults, our clients have found a reduction in unplanned maintenance events, an increase in the meantime between failures and an increase in operator performance.

Australian Earth Training grader operator training

Custom Operator Training Packages

Our consulting services are based around finding the right training package to meet the current needs of your business. Whether there are issues with machine application, safety compliance or unscheduled maintenance, we’ll create the right training plan to produce positive outcomes for your business. Our training services include proficiency training, operator application training, operator familiarisation training, management coaching, site supervisor training and more.

Australian Earth Training custom operator training packages

Our Operator Training Process

At Australian Earth Training we tailor our training programs to match the needs of your business, however, the foundation of our training progress is based on the four steps of Discovery, Pre-Learning, Practical and Support.

1.    Discovery

In the opening stages of our program, we will consult with you and take the time to uncover sources of productivity in your processes.

Australian Earth Training dozer operator training process

2.    Pre-Learn

In the second stage, we provide reference materials, so your workforce has a base to work from before the practical. This stage includes eLearning.

Australian Earth Training pre-learn operator training

3.    Practical

Commonly people learn hands-on work by having the opportunity to put skills into practice. In this step, we have our OEM-accredited industry leaders deliver training focused on best practice machine application and earthmoving principals.

4.    Support

The final step in our training process is support. In this stage, productivity measures are reinforced through coaching and peer group forums.

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